Claim ₹7000 Credit to learn Crypto Trading

We are extremely happy to announce that we have come up with a unique program where we are offering ₹7000 credit to all crypto enthusiasts who are a part of our privileged community. All the users who are registered with CrossTower can claim up to ₹7000 and learn crypto trading. This program is dedicated to help users who are eager to learn and trade crypto but fear to lose money. An excellent opportunity to learn crypto trading without investing your money. Now, you can trade without the fear of loss as if the price of the crypto decreases, we will bear the loss.

After the remarkable success we have achieved from our recent credit program where we enabled our users to claim credit up to ₹5000, we re-introduce this program with more credit this time so that they can learn it in a more efficient way. Yes, a credit of ₹7000 is exclusively available on both web and CrossTower app. If you have not registered on CrossTower App yet then do it right away and claim your credit now.

Here is how you can do this

Follow the steps to claim your ₹7000 credit.

With CrossTower App

  • Register/Login at CrossTower
  • Add your bank details
  • Click on the Claim Credit Banner
  • Add the desired amount up to ₹7000
  • Money will be added
Using the credit balance, you can buy any cryptocurrencies you want and learn trading efficiently.

With CrossTower Web

  • Register/Login at CrossTower
  • Add your bank details
  • Click on Claim Credit tab
  • Add the desired amount up to ₹7000
  • Money will be added
Note:- Credit Program is available for first 25,000 users only.

(T&C Apply)

If you face any issue while adding the amount then you can reach out to our support team at The support specialist will register your issue and provide you with a resolution at the earliest. So, what is the wait for? CrossTower credit program is live now. Claim your credit now and learn the exciting world of crypto trading. Don’t be left behind and #LearnCryptoWithCrossTower.

Benefits you get from the claim credit program

  • You will become a member of a pro trader club
  • You will be enrolled for a one-on-one session with the CrossTower CEO
  • You will be enrolled for CrossTower Classroom which provides market insights, education about different blockchains and content about Web 3.0

Why trade with CrossTower?

CrossTower has been continuously taking rigorous approaches to educate users about how we can trade in cryptocurrencies and take benefit out of it. Despite considering the volatility of the crypto market, churning out the best out of it is something that a pro trader should know. We want everyone to understand the blockchain technology and witness the web 3.0 revolution. This is why we have kept the minimum brokerage fees to help traders trade efficiently without thinking about high brokerage costs.

Some of the reasons why people trust CrossTower and choose us as their crypto exchange partner.

  • Globally ranked #7 Crypto exchange
  • Secured with complex encryption
  • Easy to use web & app interface
  • Minimum brokerage fees

We keep introducing new programs and features to help budding investors save big and gain huge returns on their investment. With this ₹7000 credit program, we aim to educate users and understand how they can invest in this new-age digital asset and gain profit out of it (T&C*). Additionally, you will get to understand how the prices of digital coins go up and down.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about cryptocurrencies. For help and information, feel free to reach out to our super helpful support team at A courteous response will be sent at the earliest convenience.

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