Sell Crypto at Higher while Buy at Lower with Limit Order

We always roll out something special for you. To enhance your crypto trading experience, we keep developing new features so that you can trade without any hassle. With a globally ranked #4 crypto trading platform, you can always expect to have the best trading experience. CrossTower is specially made to provide you with the swiftest and easiest path to start investing in the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins available on our platform.

We offer you the most unique features and user-friendly platform so that you can buy, sell, exchange, send and trade cryptocurrencies, all using an all-in-one CrossTower web and app. In one of our latest additions, we have introduced a new feature called ‘Limit Order’.

Let us know more about it.

Buying crypto when the market goes down while selling when the rate touches the sky, is every crypto trader’s dream. We understand that it is nearly impossible for traders like you to keep a check on the rates every once in a while. So, to help you buy crypto at the desired price, we have introduced a new feature called ‘Limit Order’.

What is Limit Order?

A limit order is a type of order that enables a user to set a limit of both buy and sell orders at a certain price within a period of time. For example, if the real-time price of a BTC is 37,05,957.72 but you want to buy it for 37,00,000. So you can set a limit order in the CrossTower web/app and the trade will be automatically executed on the limit price or best available price. Similarly, it applies to ‘Sell’ limit orders as well. No long waiting for prices to go up as you can make a pre-order with an order value as per your convenience.

Benefits of Limit Order

Name your price

A limit order allows you to name your price which means you can set a price limit for an order prior to its trade execution time.

Automatic Trade Execution

No hassle of waiting for the market price to go down. Simply set the order limit price and the trade will be automatically executed on the limit price or the best available price.

Save Money

You are likely to gain profits on both buy and sell orders as limit orders enable you to set the prices accordingly.

Important: Please note that your order will be canceled if the market price did not reach the best price to the triggered limit price within 24 hours.

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