Stocks or Cryptocurrency
Which is better?

Investment at an early stage of your life is indeed a good decision. People work for money but if you take one step ahead and let money work for you by investing it in a profit-making business, you will no longer need to work for money. There are millions of people who are actually doing this and making money out of it. Though, availability of multiple investment opportunities have left many in confusion.

Among them, the Stocks and Crypto are the two best investment options that are taking the market by storm. However, there are certain points of discussion that still need to be addressed when it comes to comparing Cryptocurrency and Stocks. Some say stocks are best while some believe that investing in cryptocurrency is the investment of the future.

Below, we will be discussing some of their aspects and conclude which is better.


When Crypto came to the market as a value-less digital currency, only a few people would have predicted its exponential growth. Those who invested in it became rich because of its unprecedented growth it achieved in the past. A decade after its footprint in the market, a lot of people believe that they are too late to invest in it and money has already been made by early investors. However, its stats suggest a different picture denying all the speculations being made on it.


There are millions of people who invest in Stocks for a longer period of time. They are long-viewed as a solid term investment where you can invest in the companies you feel will grow better in the nearby future. You get advantage of a booming economy, well- regulated transparent framework, dividends benefits and much more. However, you have to research well before you invest in any random stock as they are subject to market-risk.

Risk & Reward Comparison

Both Crypto and Stocks are volatile but if you need to choose between both then you must compare their risks and rewards.

Investing in Crypto currency over stocks seems to be an ideal deal as there is a greater potential for rewards. Taking an example of Ethereum, one of the highest growing Crypto currencies, its price has increased 1200% over the past few years while the S&P, on the other hand, grew by 42% only which is a huge difference. Though, you cannot just ignore the fact that stocks are comparatively less volatile than Crypto.

However, a presumption on a whole stock growth can probably put your money on stake as they too fall into high-risk categories. Hence, an investment in Stocks for a longer period of time is likely to churn out money for you but considering that it will never experience volatility can be disappointing. However, market stats suggest that it will recover later.

Similarly, if you wisely invest in Crypto by making a solid selection of stock, you can safeguard against a worst case scenario. Digital asset trading is increasingly becoming a new form of investment which has opened multiple avenues for investors to make a huge profit out of it. All you have to do is to research the market before you invest in it.

Wrap Up

Both these investments have their potential risks, on the other hand, have potential for reward as well. Depending on the terms and risks you can better deal with, you can decide to invest in Cryptocurrency or Stock. Make sure you do your research before you dive in any of the options. Happy Investment!

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