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CrossTower Latest Addition ‘Crypto Basket’

Crypto is undeniably the most growing digital asset at the present time. Bitcoin and other altcoins are growing at a rapid pace, catching the eyeballs of investors all over the world. The tremendous growth it has achieved in the past few years has made it the most buzzing thing in the market right now. Speculation on its regulations in every country is still uncertain. However, a possible regulatory framework is expected to be in place as its massive adoption across the globe has opened avenues for every investor. To make the process more smooth and hassle- free, major cryptocurrency exchanges are welcoming new features every day.

CrossTower always comes up with new, exciting features to make your experience more seamless and delightful. This time, our next gift to you is wrapped with a special package of tokens that are embraced by new technologies and are widely used. Let me make it easier for you. A set of special tokens specially designed for users like you to simplify trading and make it a hassle-free experience. Using our newly launched ‘Crypto Basket’ feature, amazing traders like you can place multiple orders in just one click.

Using cutting-edge technology with an easy-to-use interface, we make our application safer and smarter keeping the user experience in mind.

We keep on introducing new features to let you experience the amazing world of cryptocurrencies. Let’s understand in detail how our Crypto Basket feature work.

Important:- Please note that we are not promoting or advising you for any coin listed under the Crypto basket

How it Works?

  • Login to CrossTower account
  • Go to Menu Bar and tap on Crypto Basket
  • Select from the Available basket or create your own basket
  • Place your order

Benefits of Crypto Basket

Pre-defined Basket

A pre-defined basket to make your order the most convenient.

Diversified Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio by choosing the most-suited basket.


No hassle of placing multiple orders when you can buy cryptos in a single shot.


If you encounter any issues while using the basket or creating a new one, you can simply reach out to our support specialists who are round the clock available for your service. Simply write to us at and we will get back to you with a possible solution within a minimal time. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Cryptos using our pre-defined basket and make your crypto trading experience amazing with CrossTower. We will revert back to you with possible answers.

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