Why Trade in Cryptocurrency Markets?

The nascent cryptocurrency market is emerging as the best market for traders to prove themselves. Let us look at the advantages the cryptocurrency market has over the stock and currency markets and what makes the cryptocurrency market so unique.

Cryptocurrency markets versus capital markets

The advantages of cryptocurrency markets over capital markets are their size, volatility, and the amount of capital needed for ownership. Cryptocurrency markets are much smaller markets that possess a variety of promising tokens. Smaller markets can be more fun to trade in, as each trading pair creates its own order book and its own opportunity. These tokens provide a lot of room for growth. There are a variety of different tokens to choose from and each has very unique characteristics. Crypto markets also are more volatile, tending to encounter large percentage movements, allowing opportunities for the most skilled traders to craft profitable trades. On the other hand, capital markets require more capital to build up a trader’s position, in part because their market size is much greater than that of crypto markets. In order to have a better position in these markets you need to have more capital.

Cryptocurrency markets versus traditional currency markets

Cryptocurrency markets also have three significant advantages over traditional currency markets. First, currency markets are 90% automated by advanced traders. Automated trading systems are no fun to trade against because they are bots designed to buy and sell. Their sole purpose is to generate as much profit as they can for their users, making it incredibly difficult to trade against them. Second, in traditional currency markets, big banks and central banks are the whales you are trading with. A whale refers to a trader with a significant amount of capital. Since these whales have ownership of a large amount of capital, they have the ability to influence the market and create price volatility. When a whale causes price volatility in the market, it can wipe out smaller investors. But since blockchains have public ledgers, the whale’s actions can be monitored. Investors can stay informed on market activity, allowing them to make more informed investment decisions. Finally, currency markets often involve margin trading, putting more risk on the trader. Margin trading is borrowing funds from a broker to trade a financial asset. Margin trading is particularly risky because of uncertainty. This is because traders do not know definitively the direction a market or asset will move. By using margin, a trader is exposing themselves to greater risk. They can end up losing a lot of money, and even lose more money than they initially invested in part due to interest and commission.

Together, these factors give the cryptocurrency markets many significant advantages and continue to accelerate the rate of investor adoption.

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