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Frequently Asked Questions

CrossTower uses identity verification in order to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. KYC is a way of identifying and confirming that a customer is who they say they are. It’s a multi-step process that helps to prevent the creation and use of fraudulent accounts.

You will need to submit the following documents to complete your KYC. -PAN Card (Proof of Identity) -Aadhaar Card/Driver License/Passport/Voter ID (Any one for Prood of address) -Selfie

Yes, PAN is mandatory for completing KYC.

KYC documents are checked by our team and in case of incorrect or missing documents, you will be notified via an email. You can resubmit the correct documents for completing KYC.

Generally your KYC is approved within an hour, but maximum it will approved within 24hrs

For depositing and withdrawing Crypto, KYC is mandatory.

Yes. If Bank account verification is completed, then you can start trading with limit of $130 on withdraw & deposit USD.

CrossTower deposits ₹1 in bank account for verification of account number and account holder name, if either of it fails you can upload a copy of your personalised cancelled cheque or bank account statement for manual bank account verification.

No, you can create only one account with the registered email and mobile number.

No, you can only have one registered account with a set of KYC documents.

"Follow the steps below to reset your CrossTower account password: Click [Forgot password] at the bottom of the login page Provide the necessary details [Registered email / New password] and click [Submit] Provide the OTP received on registered email and mobile number Your password will be reset successfully"

Go to Home -> Connected Bank Accounts -> Change Account -> Enter details to be updated with Cancelled Cheque/Bank Statement as proof-> Click Submit

Yes, you can disable/close your account.

Please follow below steps-

Step- 1 Login your account

Step- 2 Go to setting

Step- 3 Click Security option

Step- 4 Select Disable account option(2FA is Mandatory)

Yes, you can reactivate your account by contacting us at

Through Bank Transfer USD can be deposited. It may take upto max 1-3 business days ( Excluding Public holidays )

Its simple, You can withdraw funds by placing a request under the withdraw USD tab,OTP will be send to your registered mobile number for verification.

Your CrossTower wallet will be updated instantly once the transaction is successful. For bank transfer it may take upto max 1-3 business days (Excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Funds are credited in your registered bank account within 24 to 48 hours (Excluding weekends and bank holidays)

You can place the request any time 24X7.

Minimum withdraw is $100 & maximum is $100,000

Minimum deposit is $5,000 and maximum deposit is $100,000.
For any query kindly mail us on :-

Go to Home -> Click Deposit -> Select Crypto Deposit -> Select Asset -> Copy Deposit Address and paste into the wallet from where you want to initiate the request.

"Go to Home -> Click Withdraw -> Select Withdraw Crypto -> Select Asset and enter destination wallet address -> Confirm your 2FA. A verification link is send to your registered email id for withdraw confirmation."

We do not have any limit on crypto deposit.

It will be updated as soon as the block confirmations are completed.

For depositing and withdrawing crypto, KYC and Bank account verification is mandatory.

We do not charge any amount on adding USD, however payment gateway charges may be applicable according to method of deposit.

Flat Fees of $25 is applicable for every USD withdraw request.

We do not charge any amount for adding crypto to our wallet, however a fee is applicable for crypto withdrawal.
Please refer to the below Link for Crypto Withdrawal Charges
Trading and withdrawal fee

It is the charges paid to a miner for executing the outgoing transaction to external Crypto Address.

We use secure hash maps for your individual transactions with unique token/access key to secure the transactions and account.

Yes your funds are absolutely safe with Crosstower.

Always check for the authenticated links/URLs which are sent to your email ID only from domain to make sure that you are secured from the phishing attacks over the internet.

Two factor authentication is to provide you a double security and to validate that the account being accessed is by you only. 2FA asks you to validate login request by sending link on your registered phone number.

CrossTower is on a mission to mainstream crypto investing and trading in India.

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