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Gifts are truly an amazing way to showcase your love. Celebrate every occasion with a special gift to revive your profound memories you had with your family and old good friends. Do not let the distance overshadow your bond of friendship. CrossTower announces a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency gift card — can range from INR 100 to INR 10,000 — and will be available in the form of a voucher that can be shared through email, social media channels or by sharing the link directly.

With a range of cryptocurrencies available on our platform, you can buy and send them to your friends and family and make them a part of this revolutionary journey.

Registered CrossTower users who are KYC-verified can simply go to the Gift Crypto feature and choose their preferred amount and crypto token to create the word Create Gift Card voucher easily. To create the gift vouchers, users can either use the cryptocurrency available in their wallets or buy the preferred cryptocurrency on the platform. There are no interest charges levied when you create an Crypto Gift from CrossTower.

So, what is the wait for? Click on 'Create' and send your Crypto Gifts right away.

How it works?

Register/Login to CrossTower account using your credentials.

Visit Gift Crypto tab and buy the desired cryptocurrency from available wallet

Add Cryptocurrency from the available wallet balance or add the desired gift amount to your wallet in case of insufficient funds.

Choose a message from the box or create a personalized one.


Copy the code and send it to your friends directly.

Benefits of Crypto Gift Cryptocurrencies


You can send it from the comfort of your home without visiting any physical gift store.

No Shipping Cost

Unlike conventional gifts, Crypto Gifts are free from shipping cost.


No long hours of waiting as Crypto Gifts can be sent directly to the person on the other end.

For queries and information, drop us an email at


  • Go to the Gift Crypto tab.
  • Click on the left blank space.
  • Enter your code.
  • Click on add to wallet.

E-Gift cards work just like regular gift cards online or in store.

No, E-Gifts do not expire.

Yes, you can send E-Gift crypto to anyone you want.

No, there is no interest levied to create an E-Gift.

You can send us an email at

CrossTower is on a mission to mainstream crypto investing and trading in India.

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