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Do you want to sell your Bitcoin? Are you looking for a convenient, secure, and trusted exchange where you can gain the best market value for your digital money? If yes, then you have certainly landed on the right page. We at CrossTower are one of the most prominent and leading exchanges in the world. Ranked #7 in the global crypto space, we have won the trust of our customers by putting quality service at the forefront.

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How to sell Bitcoin?

Using a trusted exchange like CrossTower, selling Bitcoin is so easy. All you have to do is to create an account if you don’t already have one, complete your registration and KYC and follow the further instructions. To explain in more detail, you can have a look at it and sell your Bitcoin with ease.

Now You Can Sell Your Bitcoin For Cash

Get Dollars In Your Bank Account

Step by Step Guide to Sell Bitcoin

To begin, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1

Register at You can also download the CrossTower app from the play store or app store.

Step 2

Log into your account. Enter your email address and password to access your CrossTower account.

Step 3

Add your bank details. After you log in to your account, the next step will be adding your bank details. Simply click on ‘Add Bank’ and follow the on-screen instructions and upload the required documents. Once you fill in the details, they will be sent for verification.

Step 4

Once your bank details are added. You need to complete your KYC. Click on upload ‘proof of address. Upload all the required documents including Aadhar, Pan Card, and upload a selfie image. Once the details are uploaded, upload proof of address. You will soon get a confirmation email on your registered email address.

Step 5

After you get a confirmation, you can visit the homepage, click on the ‘Deposit’ button and select ‘Deposit Crypto. In order to sell Bitcoin, you need to transfer your Bitcoin to CrossTower first. Coming back to the CrossTower panel, after you click on the deposit crypto, your deposit address will be displayed. Copy the deposit address.

Step 6

Next, go to the wallet where your Bitcoin is stored. Click on Withdraw Crypto and enter the address you’ve copied to the required destination address.

Step 7

Enter the 2FA and click on the ‘Withdraw’ option. The Bitcoin will be transferred to CrossTower wallet.

Step 8

Now when your Bitcoin is transferred and deposited to CrossTower wallet, you can easily sell it. Go to the Sell button and enter the Bitcoin amount you wish to withdraw. Click on ‘Sell BTC’ and the Bitcoin will be sold out. Your money will be credited to your bank account.

This is how you can simply sell Bitcoin on CrossTower.

Wind Up

We hope you are now clear with how you can sell your Bitcoin. If still there are some issues bothering you then you can connect with our super dedicated support team who are round the clock ready to help you. Any issue you encounter while selling your Bitcoin, you can simply send an email to .

A dedicated specialist should get back to you with a courteous response. So, what is the wait for? Sell Bitcoin instantly on CrossTower and get your money back to your bank account swiftly and quickly. You are just one step away from trading with globally ranked #7 trading platform. Happy Trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Though there are multiple ways to do it. However, the most preferred method so far is the exchange platform which allows us to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and many other altcoins with ease. Simply register with it, complete the KYC and follow the respective Bitcoin selling instructions.

It’s so easy to sell Bitcoin. At times, when market action is hot, a few Bitcoin holders can encounter issues in selling Bitcoin. But using a reliable crypto exchange platform, selling Bitcoin is as easy as pie.

You being a seller may get the transfer directly to your bank account or card if you sell it through an exchange. In case you don’t receive the amount, you can connect with the support team and get your issues resolved straight away.

It completely depends on the exchange you choose to buy & sell Bitcoin. There are multiple exchanges available that allow you to buy & sell Bitcoin without any glitch.

Typically, trading of this type is known as intraday trading and it is used as a strategy in both stocks and crypto markets. Traders do this to reap the benefits of price movements. Yes, you can buy & sell cryptocurrencies on the same day.

CrossTower is on a mission to mainstream crypto investing and trading in India.

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